Once upon a time, on a far away kingdom there was a good wizard with his beautiful family. He used to love his wife and his son very much. He was very happy. That’s why he used to love every person and all the animals. One day his son asked him to buy him a red birdy. His son wanted a red birdy so much. And so his daddy bought him a red birdy because he used to love his son so much and so he loved the red birdy so much. His son called the birdy ‘’ RED BIRDY ‘’ because he was red. He was a male bird.

The good wizard used to take care of RED BIRDY. Every morning  he used to clean up his cage, and put in the cage new food and new water. Every morning RED BIRDY used sing for the good wizard so magically that good wizard used to sit under the cage for long time just to listen him.

The good wizard was a wizard and a teacher. H was teaching to everyone good magic, freedom and love. He was so happy with his family and he wanted everyone to be happy like him. Freedom and love were wizard’s principles.

One day he made bad thoughts he felt guilty because he had a birdy in a cage. H wanted to see if RED BIRDY was really happy! So he hid himself behind a wall and kept watching  RED BIRDY for long time. RED BIRDY was doing nothing alone he was eating and drinking water. Finally two sparrows sat next to RED BIRDY and sang with him. RED BIRDY was happier than ever then that started to sing the most happy and beautiful song ever! Good wizard never heared RED BIRDY so happy before and he had the most beautiful bird’s voice he ever heard in the whole world! But the happiness anded when the sparrows went away to make their own nest and family and RED BIRDY was alone again. RED BIRDY started to cry then and sang the most painful and sad song in the world. A tear fell from good wizard’s face. He understood that RED BIRDY was sad.

Good wizard then he came up on an idea. What wizard am i? I am the best good wizard in the whole world. He used to have a ware house in the garden of his house where he used to put all his magic potions and RED BIRDY to protect him from wild animals and cold weather. It was June then. And one bright night with full moon he decided to play with magic! He put RED BIRDY into the warehose and started to seek his magic potions! He was seeking and seeking. And one moment…… VOILA!!!!!! The magic potion that turns birdies to humans!!

He put the magic potion into the bird’s water. Everything brightened in the room. A yellow bright light appeared into the warehouse from birdy’s cage! An then…….

I must say the magic words now!!!!

-          Abra catabra Abra catabra make this bird woman with Prada


A rich charming woman appeared 

with rich prada clothes on her body.  But she started to sing like the birdy. She had a bird’s voice.

-          God I have to correct this!


I know how ! I ll say the magic words! There is no choice there is no choice, give this beautiful woman human’s voice

Then RED BIRDY spoke English like human:

-          What a hot weather! I want cold water! I love you good wizard!

She had the most beautiful voice he ever listened! She had a childish voice!

-          Firstly we must give you a name your name will be a greek name ! your name from now on is DIMITRA! Come on DIMITRA ! let me introduce you to my beloved family.

When suddenly Good Wizard’s son saw DIMITRA He fell in love with her immediately!

-          Father I want to marry this woman!

-          Dimitra do you want to marry my son ? , good wizard asked.

-          Why not? I do! I love your son! She said and kissed good wizard’s son.

Next day DIMITRA felt so so so bored.

-          This house is so boring I lived my whole life here as a bird! But not anymore! She thought


DIMITRA stole all good wizard wife’s  clothes in a bag and ran away from this rich house.

She was running and running and watching new  beautiful rich houses. But then she saw the big palace!

-          Here ! here I am ! I want to stay here in this palace forever! I love this palace! Said DIMITRA loud!

She ran into the garden of the palace it was curious but no one stopped her! She saw the cute little prince 

singing about a princess and she started to sing with him!

The prince was lonely for his whole life and he felt a bit annoyed.  The prince was singing with the birds before Dimitra came to palace.

-          Prince? You love birds? Dimitra asked!

-          I adore them ! I give them water now with the tire!

-          It’s so hot here! I m so thirsty!

DIMITRA bowed down on the mud and started to drink water from the earth like birds!

-          OOPS your clothes are full of mud! What are you doing girl?? Are you crazy?? Here drink water from the tire. Put your mouth here look at me…..

-          DIMITRA started to laugh, she grabbed the tire and poured water towards prince she bathed him.

-          Aaaaaaaaaaaa help ! help me , prince shouted . Save me from this crazy woman!

DIMITRA kept pouring water with the tire and laughing so loud!

Prince’s mother appeared , and started to run after DIMITRA and shouting:

-          My son my son! Save my son from this crazy woman she must be communist!

Dimitra bathed prince’s mom too…… Then prince started laughing and laughing so as Dimitra!

It was the first time that queen’ s son laughed n that much!

Queen was so happy that asked from DIMITRA to stay at the palace forever and DIMITRA said yes of course!

Prince took DIMITRA to a huge living room , one of the huge living rooms of the palace.

-          What do you want us to do? Prince asked

-          I want to watch tv with you

When DIMITRA was a bird used to watch kids’ animations with good wizard’s son and had a really good time…..

-          I want to watch Disney animations and sing with you!, said DIMITRA to prince

-          I adore Disney too, everything in my palace are disney’s……. you know my faivourite song is big bad wolf’s song

-          Come on sing it please, DIMITRA asked

-          Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Big Bad Wolf, Big Bad Wolf Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Fa la la la la

-          Again!!!!!!!!!

-          Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Big Bad Wolf, Big Bad Wolf Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Fa la la la la

-          You sing it like a kid

-          Prince was laughing from his soul

-          Dimitra was so happy that started to sing as a bird this time, the good wizard couldn’t take RED BIRDY’s voice it was magical by itself!

-          OH You sing like a bird! The prince started to admire her

DIMITRA kissed prince and asked his name. My name is NIKOS and I want to marry you!

I t was the first time dimitra liked so much the taste of a kiss and so prince too!

-          Wait I have to answer with a letter to you I ll answer soon

DIMITRA runned to the garden and sang with the birdies a song she wrote……..



-          What a beautiful voice I listened to the letter you d write….. you ll marry me then?

-          Oh yes I do ! I am the happiest woman of all!



When son of good wizars’s PAULOS heard about the wedding got very very angry.

He want to the palace and found DIMITRA.

-          Welcome PAULOS….. said DIMITRA

-          You are supposed to marry me and not the prince of the kingdom

-          I ‘m sorry PAULOS but I love NIKOS more and so much with all my heart and I love his kiss

-          Stop!!!!!!!! You ll be mine or I ll kill you!!!!!!!!!! If I sai avada katavra with my magic wound you are dead!

-          Giougatsarin, a voice sounded and the magic wound of PAULOS fell from his hand.

It was the good wizard PAULOS’ FATHER

-          What are you doing PAULOS? I taught you to be a good man to like freedom of people and to love it……. DIMITRA is free to choose his husband alone and she chose NIKOS, accepted please


-          OK DIMITRA marry NIKOS but you ll lose! Then they got out of the palace and saw a beautiful woman with rich clothes. PAULOS asked her to marry him and she sais, yes.


And after many kisses princess DIMITRA sang song to NKOS IN MANY LANGUAGES





And they lived happily ever after!


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